Tanks JS

Based on the game Battle Tanks from Triple Action by Mattel Electronics. A two-player game using the same keyboard; destroy the other player more times to win!

Play it here!

Player one uses the arrow keys, and player two uses WASD. Rotate your tank with the left/right arrows, or A and D; move forward with the up arrow or W; and fire a shell with the down arrow or S. One hit will destroy your tank, and shells ricochet off the level boundaries and walls; be mindful of your firing angle, or you'll destroy your own tank!

To start, choose how many rounds you want to play: 1 to 15. Choose which colors you want the tanks to be, pick your level, and tap the spacebar to begin playing!

Built using the Canvas Rendering Context Web API.

*Not mobile friendly.
*Currently a Work In Progress (WIP)