Game Design Blog

Things I've learned about designing games in HTML/Javascript and C

Building Asteroids for the web

Learn to build the arcade classic “Asteroids” from scratch as a web game. This requires a little knowledge of JavaScript; if you don’t know it, I recommend Eloquent JavaScript to help you get started.

0: WebAudio Basics

Start using oscillators to generate sound with WebAudio API in JavaScript. Not totally crucial to building Asteroids, so it's step “0”

1: Canvas Basics

Start drawing simple shapes with the HTML5 Canvas

2: The Game Loop

Learn the basics of handling framerate and regular updates to the game space

3: Control Schemes

Learn about adding keyboard and mouse controls to a game

4: Collisions

Learn about collision detection

Dev Bootcamp Blog

This is the blog I wrote as part of Phase 0 of Dev Bootcamp, sadly no longer operating as a web development bootcamp. During that time, I learned how to use Git version control, Ruby, HTML, and JavaScript for the first time. Some of these entries may be useful for anyone just starting to learn these skills, but they mostly just chronicle my journey as I took my first stumbling steps in the world of web development.


Getting familiar with git, GitHub, and version control

Margins, Borders, and Padding

The differences between margin, border, and padding

Arrays and Hashes

Like solar arrays and twitter tags? Not really...

An Enumerable method: cycle

Ever wanted to iterate using times?

Ruby's So Classy

Classes and game design

Ruby vs JavaScript

Punctuation Terror

Computer Memory

Bits, bytes, and what you're actually doing with your variables

Building a Website

How I learned to start worrying about the DOM